25 Central

Clothing and Accessories for Modern Women

Our Story

25 Central is a wonderfully unique women’s store that offers a wide selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry for all ages and styles. It’s one of the only places a little girl can pick out sparkly hair clips, her older sister can find a cute dress for her first day of classes, their mother can buy a bold skirt and wedge sandals, and even her mother will find a scarf and new handbag.

Like Style itself, however, we have grown and changed over time, constantly refining and polishing to become what we are today. This is our story…


It all began back in 1980 when Paul and Sheree Bloomberg started Black Orchid Jewelry in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After a few years of selling at craft shows and to retailers at wholesale shows, they relocated to western Massachusetts and in 1987 opened their own retail location, Black Orchid, a jewelry counter on the first floor in Thornes Marketplace in Northampton. Committed to offering stylish merchandise at reasonable prices, the business found immediate success.

When more space on the first floor became available in 1988, Paul and Sheree jumped at the opportunity to open Details, the area’s first women's fashion accessory store. Like the Black Orchid counter across the hall, Details was a hit from the very start, selling scarves and hats just as quickly as they were put on shelves.

So with the women of Northampton and surrounding towns beautifully accessorized and shimmering with jewelry, next, of course, had to be clothing. Paul and Sheree, taking the name from their own address, 25 Central Street, opened 25 Central downstairs in Thornes in 1990. In 2004, after 13 years downstairs, 25 Central joined Details and Black Orchid Jewelry on the first floor of Thornes, where we have remained ever since.


In the last 5 years, all three locations have consolidated and 25 Central has become truly central. Now customers can find everything in one location to make their fashion statement. Because fashion is a way to express personality, our affordable prices make it easy to try something new and explore your evolving style. We get new items in nearly every day, and our friendly staff is always happy to offer guidance and advice. We hope to see you in Northampton soon!

25 Central today.

25 Central today.

Paul and Sheree Bloomberg.

Paul and Sheree Bloomberg.